Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year....back and still as naughty as ever!

Hello Folks!  A very happy new year to you!  I would love to say I have been a good girl and have done all I should, but here are just some of the things I may have been up to over the holiday period:

Head girl Woods has turned up to school without a scrap of homework done!  Nothing.  She has been marched straight to the headmaster and ordered to face the wall and await her punishment.  Unable to control her smart mouth she has had the indignity of having her skirt pulled up and her knickers taken down displaying her bottom to everyone who goes past.  She has been informed that the head is not free to see her for an hour so there she must stand, waiting for the high jump.

Secretary Leia has had her hands in the petty cash to help pay for her flashy Christmas party.  Unfortunately the boss has been in checking the balance and found it short.  The boss deals with his secretaries the old fashioned way and Leia is called in to the office to bend over his desk, knickers off and placed in her mouth and await her punishment.....how the mighty fall!

Maid Leia has failed to polish the silver and the butler has had quite enough of Leia's lazy, lacklustre approach to her work.  There are plenty of other girls desperate for the work.  It is decided she is to be birched in the kitchen gardens and made an example of before all the other staff.  Having her skirt lifted and her bottom soundly thrashed is not all she is in for though as she is given a mere toothbrush to clean the floor of the front hall.  The butler is pleased to find her red bottom high in the air whilst she completes her task....this is bound to take hours!

Do you think I deserve a good punishment and some humiliation to show me the error of my ways?  I know I need it Sir.....

Monday, 31 October 2016

Back and raring to go!

Hello folks!

First of all, thank you so much for all your kind messages.  It was much appreciated as always!  I am now back and will be free to do play sessions from 7th November.  If you would like to come and play then  do get in touch....I look forward to hearing from you ;-)


See....I am ready and waiting!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Time out (necessary)

Hello folks!  Just a brief post to let you know I shall not be around from 17th October-26th October due to a small operation (hospitals, yuck!).  Wish me luck! 

I do however have a Bottoms Up party on 27th, which is thoroughly Halloween themed.  There are just a few places left so if you would like to find out more take a look at www.bottomsupspanking.com.  If you wish to book, then e-mail bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk or call 07595738626, but do be patient during the dates above as I shall be spending a day or so recovering from the op!

Thanks folks and look forward to seeing you all on the other side.

Leia xxxxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bottoms Up Both Ways party 7th October

Hello folks!  The next Bottoms Up Both Ways party is Friday 7th October and is already half-filled so do book now!

This party is for those of you gentlemen who like to both receive as well as administer the sting of traditional punishment. This party is in Camberwell from 12.30-5.30pm, where you will see each lady for both a sub and a domme 1-2-1 session.  Before lunch you gentlemen will be dealing with us, taking us over your knee for a good spanking before giving us a firm dose of leather and a finish of 6 of the best with the cane.  Don't get too excited though as after a lunch break we ladies will be turning the tables on you gentlemen and will see each of you for a 1-2-1 where we will deal with your miscreant behaviour...

 Time permitting we will have some free play at the end for those of you gentlemen who feel you deserve a little more punishment! The party will be held in Camberwell and will run from 1230-5.30/6pm. Will you join us?

I know the question burning is who are the ladies for this party?  Well Miss Jadie Reece and myself will be there along with new to Bottoms Up the sexy Miss Jessica.  Finally back and raring to go is the super strong, super brilliant Miss Sam Jones!  I know you will want to join me in welcoming Miss Sam Jones back to scene life.

Naturally all play is within the limits of the participants! If you would like to join us then get in touch by e-mailing me at bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk

Or call: 07595738626

Find out more about Bottoms Up and to see pictures of the ladies go to www.bottomsupspanking.com and get in touch if you would like to join us ladies for a fab day of switching fun.

Bottoms Up!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bottoms Up 8th September

Hello folks!  Just letting you know the next date is announced and is 8th September.  This is the usual format, not my switch version (Bottoms up Both Ways).  We are going back to school this September and our ladies are certainly racking up the punishments even though the school has only just broken up for the summer.  It would seem none of the sixth form know or even care that they are representing the school even when they are off school property.  The ladies in trouble thus far are:

Miss Woods:

Miss Reece:

Miss Kandy:

There is no doubt that more ladies will get themselves into trouble between now and September so do check the website www.bottomsupspanking.com for details.  I am away now until 6th August but I am reachable by email if you wish to book your Governor's place on bottomsupspanking@hotmail.co.uk.  My parties are almost always over-subscribed so please don't delay your booking if you wish to come!

I am also reachable by email on leia_ann_woods@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to book spanking 1-2-1 fun with me after the 6th August, so do feel free to send me your thoughts and any role-play ideas you may have!  If you need inspiration I have been posting stories up this year so do check my older posts.  I hope to hear from you and hope to be in for some good olde fashioned discipline upon my return from Spain.

Leia xxx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

To catch a thief...

In a new world, with crime rising the government has had to find another way of solving the problems of its burgeoning prisons.  It is a method that I was soon to find myself a 'victim' of....

Having been caught and arrested for petty theft, my poor choices have led me to a police holding pen shackled and cuffed with a tough decision to make.  Do I sign for a long 8 year prison sentence (designed to make me avoid this choice) or go with the other option...a painful but quick solution to my problem.  The male guards smile sardonically at me as the choice is hardly an easy one; one involves losing a good 8 years of my life, whereas the other is a very painful and publicly humiliating experience.  My eyes darts about to my unfortunate cell-mates and I can see the other girls are struggling with the decision too.  No-one wants to throw their lives away, but who wants to expose their flesh in Trafalgar square for 36 strokes of the newly employed British prison strap?  I had accidentally witnessed such a punishment 6 months ago, and the jeering from the crowd seemed almost as difficult to bear as the punishing blow of the strap on the unfortunate's bared bottom.

I am brought out of my reverie by an impatient guard shoving paper-work in my hand...I must tick and sign for which option I wish to go for and do it now.  The task in itself feels shameful as my shackles rattle loudly as I struggle to grip the pen and do what must be done.  The noise reminds me of what a mess I am in.  I tick and sign and hand the papers back to the guard.  He smiles broadly at my decision and hauls me to my feet.  I am taken to the corridor, my ankle shackles linking me to the woman stood in front of me and told to keep my mouth shut.  The guard who dealt with me stands at the head of the line of women and announces that we are to be punished this afternoon at 3pm and orders us to march towards the door leading to transport outside.  I recoil in horror as I see the van has an open-caged rear, designed for everyone we pass to see us make our journey.  I could not believe it; it seemed Medieval.  Not only that, it was only 1030am...it could only be a 30 minute drive to Punishment Square.  I was about to find out, however...

On arrival, we are marched out onto Punishment Square and ordered into a row.  opposite us have been placed 6 boxes, which I quickly worked out to be one for each of us.  Our punishment outfits were arranged such that ours bottoms were now bared to all who went past.  I could barely hold back the tears.  Each of us were then placed on top of the boxes and handed a sign bearing the nature of our crime.  The guard shouted that we were to stand still and that he did not want to hear anything out of us unless we wanted to add extra strokes to our sentence.  People passed us...so many people.  Some just stared, others laughed and some even shouted abuse at us.  The guards moved between us making sure we kept our signs held high.

Finally the clock struck 3pm.  By now quite a crowd had gathered and I was barely able to stand.  My legs gave up as I was dragged down from the box.  I could not believe I was going to be first.  My sentence was read out and the strap was shown to both me and the crowd who were silent, expectant. The first stroke came in with such a pace I could only gasp in shock before crying out loudly.  To my horror, the crowd cheered and cried for more.  The Punisher seemed spurred on by this...the second broke actually burned even more than the first.  I was only two strokes in but already I was crying from the pain and humiliation.  The crowd seemed to become more and more excited with each searing stroke of the strap and I began to lose count of how many I had suffered.  Through my tears I could see the crowd laughing and joking, clearly enjoying my fate.  I finally heard the Punisher count 30.  I had six more strokes to go.  If I thought I had got used to this I could not be more wrong.  The final six were administered with such force I screamed out with each delivery.  Bottom on fire and tears streaming down my face I was placed back on my plinth.  It was clear my punishment was not over yet.  Whilst all others were punished in the same terrible way I was to stand in front of everyone displaying my bottom as an example of what happens to citizens who break the law.  Needless to say I had no plans to be in this position again, but also had no idea how I was going to show my face again....after all everyone would know I was one of the first ladies to suffer at the hands of the British strap....

Hope you enjoyed folks!  I do apologise for the delay, but hope it has been worth the wait!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Maid for a fall

Working in a house of high standing is likely to make any maid nervous and I am no exception.  One afternoon the butler makes a pass at me, something I am horrified by and shun publicly, leaving the butler very red-faced indeed.  No one likes to be publicly humiliated.  Unfortunately for me this is a man who bears a grudge and I soon find out just what lengths he is prepared to go to in order to make me sorry for what I have done to him....

Just a week later I am called before the master of the house, usually a genial man, I saw nothing to worry about until I entered the morning room.  The man looks furious and proceeds to accuse me of stealing some of his highly prized silver-ware.  I am horrified.  I have never stolen anything in my life.  I try to protest my innocence but it all falls on deaf ears as it transpires the offending items were found hidden within my quarters....by non-other than the butler.  Now I fall in to what has happened.  This man, who has all the power in the world over me has decided to drop me in it with the master of the house and he knows just how the master likes to deal with such things...

The master gives me the option to leave, knowing full well that without references I will struggle to get another position in any other household, or to take a punishment he has formulated.  I struggle with the decision but decide on the punishment.  Nodding and smiling the master instructs me to remove my uniform down to my bloomers and under-garments and follow him to the main hall.  To my horror the entire staff has been called and I see a bench placed 'centre stage'.  frightened now I beg and plead, even trying to explain what happened with the butler, but that only serves to infuriate the master further.  He instructs me to bend over the bench and asks the butler to hold me down as punishment for my 'false claims'.  I cannot bear to have the odious man look right into my eyes but I am left with little option.  Picking up a fearsome looking crop the master proceeds to beat me with it.  It is not long before I am writhing in pain and crying out, but nothing stops the strokes finding my now very sore bottom.  I can see the butler is enjoying my punishment and humiliation immensely but I am unable to hide my torment from him.  Crying now, the punishment stops.  However, my humiliation is to continue as the master instructs the butler to fetch a chair...

The master has me stand on the chair, my red bottom exposed for all to say and asks the butler to place a sign around my neck, the word 'thief' written on it.  Mortified at my humiliation and my unjust punishment I cannot help but let more tears flow.  The master tells me I am to stand there all day without a break as a deterrent to the rest of the staff.  All I can hope is the master doesn't have any visitors that day.  That would be a humiliation beyond which I could bear....

I hope you enjoyed reading this folks!  Do let me know if you did!


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